About Wi

AHBOMBO is a form of expression… not be confused with the Jamaican Curse word which is relatively close, or is it the same? You decide.

The word was coined by Jay from the once dynamic duo “Jay & Bobo”, while trying to find a name for their first mix-tape which would feature only new emerging artistes. The mix-tape featured dubs and tracks from Aidonia, Movado, Protoje to name a few. I remember Jay saying: "watch out fi dem youth yah, dem ago be the baddest thing ina dem time”, he might have been Ahbombo cloth prophet. One evening while burning spliff and drinking a beer outside Margaritaville Ochi It hit Jay, “Mi Find it” he said, lets call it AHBOMBO.

With Bombo being a bass drum and with bass being a dominate feature in our musically genre of Reggae and by extension Dance-hall, and because this mix-tape would have been a turning point for duo as they were campaigning the new voice of music, he called Bobo and that was it Ahbombo gone a road.

After many Rums, Beers and spliffs we came up with the idea to extend this into a clothing line dubbing it Ahbombo Cloth, "The freedom to express one's self the way one solely desire". A few years later, here we are spreading the energy of Jamaica while promoting the freedom to express yourself the way you feel most comfortable... “AHBOMBO CLOTH!!!

You have something fi Seh?

We would love to here from you or just accept a hail... Do it nuh, do it man.